Bedell International


Employee Assessment and Training

Bedell International required a solution that would enable its clients to test the skills of their employees through interactive multiple choice tests and simulation tests. These tests were intended to cover a range of subjects - all governed, specified and regulated by the solution administrator. Icreon assessed all their requirements and came up with a comprehensive product - Skills Survey. This solution was developed keeping online training, survey and assessment requirements of organizations in mind. By incorporating contemporary and technically sound mechanisms, we provided our client with a cost effective solution to organize training sessions, conduct surveys and assess skills for their employees.

Customer Profile

Bedell International is an IT solutions provider with operations in US and the African Continent.

Business Requirement

Bedell International required a B2B web based solution through which organizations could easily assess the software-awareness skills of a potential or existing employee, test the performance of an employee through questionnaires and create surveys & trainings for internal and external use.

Our client required three different versions of this application to cater to a large number of business domains.

Single User Version: To serve SMEs without a corporate network.
Enterprise Version: To serve medium to large scale businesses or organizations within a corporate network.
Internet Version: To serve enterprise scale businesses or organizations looking for suitable HR and Survey tools to perform necessary staffing and customer service functions. The requisite was for an online version with all the functionalities of the enterprise version without the need for special software installation on the server or office network.

Measuring & Enhancing Employee Skills through Training

Skills Survey was aimed at meeting the assessment, survey and training requirements of organizations. Its scalability has been enhanced manifold due to its compatibility with multiple browsers. Four main access levels have been defined in order to provide a streamlined functional flow.

SQL statements are used to store, retrieve and manipulate data stored in relational databases. Stored Procedures are a set of SQL statements that form a logical unit, have an assigned name and are stored in the database in a compiled form. A stored procedure is executed through an application program and can accept input parameters and return multiple values in the form of output parameters.

Super Admin

The Super Administrator is the core manager of the application with rights to access any module (assessment, training and survey module) within the application. The functions that a Super Administrator can perform are:

Set Preferences
Create Sub Admin(s)
Manage Departments
Manage Surveys
Manage Trainings
Manage Assessment Subjects
Create, Define & Manage Reports


A Sub-Administrator is defined by the Super Administrator. In a real world situation, a Sub-Administrator (or simply, Administrator) could be the head of a department. A Sub-Administrator can only access the modules that he/she is authenticated for. These include:

Creating End Users
Manage Surveys
Manage Trainings
Manage Assessment Subjects
Manage Reports


Employees within the organizations who will be assessed, trained or given a survey. Users can be created by the Super Administrator or a Sub-Administrator.

Guests Users

Other users, who are not a part of any particular company, can access certain aspects of this web application.

Reports Section

An advanced facility for report generation has been implemented to enable the Administrators to view comprehensive reports such as:

Admin Reports
Assessment Reports
Training Reports
Survey Reports
Chart Based Reports
Frequency Reports


The modules/services provided by Skills Survey module are:


Simulation Based Tests - Simulation Tests are pre-defined within the Skills-Survey application and are built to meet organization specific needs. These tests have been designed and developed using Flash. Typically, Simulation Tests have to be customized for each organization that has the Skills-Survey application deployed. For example, simulation tests for a manufacturing concern would be different from that of a banking company and therefore, separately built for each end-client.

Multiple Choice Tests - These are dynamic, database driven, text-based questions with multiple options to select the correct answer. An Administrator creates these questions and inputs 4-5 answer-options to each question, one of these being the correct answer. Using an appropriate interface, the Administrator can then 'map' the correct answer to each question (amongst the different options available) and eventually creates entire tests for Users.

Training - Employees can access posted training sessions through a password protected login. The Administrator creates a training module and posts the links to employees. Users can browse through the entire training module in the website and select one or multiple training sessions.

The Administrator is empowered to create a training session as per company requirements. The product enables him to add video clippings, points, discourses etc. to create a comprehensive training session. Sub-Administrators can also access this section if they have been granted rights for the same.


Employees can access posted surveys through a password protected login. After a successful login the posted survey can be viewed through:

Email : Link to the survey is sent by mail to the users. Clicking on the link would take the user to the survey page.
Survey listing page : Listing of all the surveys available for a user. Clicking on any survey opens a detailed survey page.

Employees can only participate once for a survey topic.

This section allows Super or Sub Administrator to create various kinds of surveys. It has been password protected for the Sub Administrator.

Skills Survey System Overview Diagram
System Overview Diagram

Technologies used in developing this application are:

Microsoft Windows Server System       Microsoft SQL Server 2000       Microsoft .net framework


Skills Survey provides a highly customizable interface to organizations wherein surveys, assessments and training sessions can be posted by Administrators and accessed by Users. Within this framework our client got a skill analysis product. This multi faceted product adequately served the training, survey and assessment needs of small to medium enterprise level organizations.