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C2C (C2C-Web Design & Web Development Services)

C2C or consumer-to-consumer websites, an off-shoot of traditional B2C solutions, provide consumers with a platform to directly transact and interact with one another without the intervention of the service provider. Social networking websites and e-commerce sites such as e-bay come within the purview of C2C solutions.

As a business, one of the benefits of a C2C e-commerce solution is that you only need to provide the platform to facilitate buyer and seller interaction. The tedious processes involved in completing a sale such as managing product inventory, order processing and shipping etc are done away with. You as a service provider can earn a commission from every sale. Our C2C solutions provide sellers with the means to list their items and services for sale. Purchase inquiries and requests can be received and tracked through the website. Buyers, in turn, can browse through listed products and services and place purchase orders online. The financial transactions are carried out directly between the buyer and seller. Our solutions include back-office interfaces that you can use to monitor and manage the website.

Through a social networking C2C solution you can offer services that allow consumers to easily connect with one another and develop communities. Our solutions will provide people with the means to create personalized profiles and list them for others to view. Various means of communication such as instant messengers, internal messaging systems, discussion forums, blogs, wikis etc can be used by members to exchange ideas and information.

Project Portfolio

At OffshoreDotNetDevelopment, we will help you build C2C websites that you can use as a standalone business or that you can use as a supplement to your existing business. Some of the C2C solutions that we have developed include:


The website offers students, across India, the means to interact with one another. The website includes the whole gamut of social networking features from profile creation, member search, to blogs, discussion forums, rating/commenting system, internal messaging, audio/video streaming etc. Read more about the work done.



The website offers an online dating service wherein people can register with the website, for free, to list their profiles and find partners. A subscription can be purchased in order to communicate with other members. Tools such as instant messenger, an internal messaging system etc can be used to by members to communicate with one another. Web based back-office interfaces can be used by the administrator to manage and operate the dating services. Browse through the project case study for a detailed description.

Browse through our case studies section for glimpses into various projects undertaken.

Engagement Models

You can engage with OffshoreDotNetDevelopment for developing a C2C solution. Contact us with all your requirements for a C2C solution. We offer you the opportunity to:

Hire dedicated developers : You can hire the services of developers dedicated (from single to a whole team) to your project alone. For all purposes the resource will be employed by you without the headache of hiring, training and managing them. Read more.

Engage with us for a fixed cost project : If you have a fixed budget and timeline in mind, you can engage with for a fixed cost project. Read more.

Development Approach

We aim to deliver solutions of the highest quality and our development approach goes a long way in ensuring that we achieve this. During the project life cycle, a clear and transparent communication channel is established between the client and the team ensuring that the client is actively involved and aware about the development progress. Follow the link for more information about our development approach.

Our team is proficient in both Agile and Waterfall development methodologies. In developing a solution the methodology that we adopt it based on the project scope, duration and size.